The Cross-Functional Influence Playbook

The problems we face, decisions we make and projects we run are complex. Very rarely do they all reside neatly in one function, team or location.

The Cross-Functional Influence Playbook introduces a simple model for getting things done across an organization. This approach covers the things you do every day to build your level of influence (Build Proactively) and those you apply to specific influence opportunities (In-the-Moment).

The Playbook is divided into four parts. Part One: Learning to Influence provides stories, tips and ideas on the what it takes to influence cross-functionally. Part Two: Worksheets & Assessments provides tools for assessing and analyzing your past, present and current approaches to influence. Part Three: The Influence Planner takes all the concepts presented in Parts One and Two and puts them into a template that you can complete as you prepare to influence. Part Four: The Influence Journal provides space to track your process, impact and learning.